27 July 2008


Living Waters Assembly of God is part of the Assemblies of God (USA) denomination. The sign below is more informative, but to link to their Internet location within their denominational Web site, click here.

This is their annex building:

Open Bible Ministries is part of a denomination called Open Bible Churches. For a description of this affiliation of churches, click here.

Hot Springs Christian Church has no denominational association according to a member of the church.

The Church of Christ regularly sends out a publication called House to House / Heart to Heart. This link will help you understand this congregation's church affiliation.

Some churches do not survive, and Four Rivers Foursquare Church is one of them. Fortunately, there is one of this type in Worland which is just 30 miles north of here (Victory Christian Center). This office building is where they used to meet:

(below) Probably the "real sign" was removed when the church ended.

Another church which was not successful was Church of God of Prophecy which met in this industrial park building in East Thermopolis. To learn more about this denomination, click here.

The Seventh-Day Adventists had an actual church building (which is now a residence - below), but they, too, eventually closed their doors. The closest congregation of this type is in Worland (Worland, Wyoming Seventh-Day Adventist Church).

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