09 February 2010

Boysen Reservoir, part 4

Just south of Boysen Dam is a small beach next to the reservoir. It's nothing impressive, but it's unusual given the semi-desert terrain which surrounds it.

The shot below looks north along US-20. To the left of the picture is the beach down below.

Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming
Boysen Reservoir, WyomingThere's an outhouse and changing rooms for bathers--we didn't use the latter.

Boysen Reservoir, WyomingIn the photograph below you can see the beach on the far right, in front of the trees.

Boysen Reservoir, Wyoming
Boysen Reservoir, WyomingThe shot below is to demonstrate how thick the ice is during this season.

Boysen Reservoir, WyomingI took this final shot next to the parking lot. You can see the guardrail for US-20 at the top of the picture.

Boysen Reservoir, WyomingSee also Boysen Reservoir, part 3, part 2, part 1.

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Joy said...

i really like the one of the ice. that's crazy thick!