20 November 2009

beyond the Buffalo Pasture, part 3

In my previous post, I described our hike to the mountain pictured in this blog's banner (at the very top of every post). We made the same hike again today and followed the road to the east side of the mountain.

The next six shots are a panorama of the view looking north. I was standing in the same spot with the same settings on the camera, moving from left to right.

I took the shot below to illustrate the variety of colors which can be found even in November.

looking west with the mountain we climbed, as I described in my last post:
The gate below is where we turned around.

You can see the road (below) curving around on the left of the photograph.

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1 comment:

Joy said...

beautiful as always! you have an amazing eye for nature, dad. i'm very glad i've been looking at your pictures and i'm sorry it took me so long... i'm very happy to have the opportunity to be in peace corps because i know it is making me grow in ways i wouldn't even think of if i were back home. i love you tons and wish i could be there to eat mom's comida rica for thanksgiving.