01 June 2008

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The primary objective of my photographs is to capture a part of the culture, the way of life, of Thermopolis and its surroundings. Consequently, I am far more focused on the “stuff-n-things” or the “thing-ness” of its people than their natural surroundings—flowers, landscape, wildlife, etc.

I am also interested in describing Thermopolis for those who are unfamiliar with it. Through photographs, I am a tourist guide to those who want to see the standard tourist attractions and businesses. However, I also want to describe what the average person in Thermopolis sees and lives with on a daily basis.

We are not from Wyoming, so another goal I have is to capture my interpretation of small town Western United States by means of my photographs. In this process, I hope to take what is in plain sight and make it artistically interesting.

The portraits I take are usually those individuals who ask, "May I help you?" when they see me taking pictures in their alley or front lawn. After explaining, there is usually a conversation in which they make connections between me and the people we both know in Thermopolis along with them telling me some of their Wyoming story.

I am always honored if anyone wants to copy and paste my photographs. There is no charge for their personal use, but I would appreciate a return favor for those of you who use them for business purposes. If you want a copy of a photograph, just grab the photograph with your mouse (click down on the mouse without releasing), and drag it off of the page and onto the desktop, the screen, of your computer (and now release the mouse).

After composing the shot, I generally let the camera do the work except for determining the amount of light. I do make minor modifications on the computer (exposure, contrast, etc.), but I do not use Photoshop or anything similar.

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clothespin said...

Thank you. I've just spent the better part of 2 hours enjoying your photos. Many years ago I went to school in Shoshoni for 1 year while living on Boysen Lake, and just a few years ago I spent a summer in Thermop with family. Your photos brought back some of my happiest memories. They are beautiful. Thanks again.