19 August 2008

Wedding of the Waters

Flowing north through Wind River Canyon is the Wind River, and it is at this point that it becomes Bighorn River. While the name Wedding of the Waters implies that two rivers are joined at this point, it is the same river with a change of name.

Click on the photographs below if you wish to read the signs.

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Anonymous said...

I wish to comment on the Gift of the Waters play that takes place in Thermopolis, WY every year. In my opinion, it is way to "white man" oriented. It is known that the 'waters' were bought from the native peoples for 60,000.00, but it is not presented that most of that was in goods that were never delivered. Why is there so much white man religion in the play? Why is it not done through the true eyes of the native people. I got so mad watching it that I will never watch it again. Many others felt the same way. Let the People rewrite it and present it as it truly was.